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You deserve to choose what’s right for your body.

We’ve made reproductive health easy to understand with resources, stories from our community, and a map of partners and providers near you.

Own Every Piece was born from years of research and listening to women. Together, we’ve built a tight-knit community and a safe space that normalizes conversations around women’s sexual health— and birth control was just the first piece of a much larger puzzle.

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3 Million Women and Counting

In 2017, Own Every Piece started as a campaign to normalize the conversation around birth control and provide powerful information for women looking to advocate for better health care. Now, we’re working to understand the holistic inequities women face in their reproductive journeys.

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Birth control isn’t one-size-fits-all. Hear stories from real women and choose what’s right for you.

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Keylynne’s Story “I wanted a little more built-in assurance than taking the pill.”

Keylynne started birth control pills in high school to regulate her periods. Once she got older, she got more serious about preventing pregnancy. She chose Nexplanon (a small implant placed in the arm) to give her the worry-free confidence she needed.

Jazmyn’s Story “I travel a lot, so [Mirena] is one less thing for me to worry about.”

After taking the pill, Jazmyn decided an IUD was perfect for her. She travels, and using Mirena means she doesn’t have to remember to take her birth control every day (which she would forget to do).

Brenna’s Story “I think it’s really great for women who just can’t remember that every day birth control.”

Brenna loves how easy NuvaRing is. It’s the size of a hairband and all she has to do is put it in for three weeks, be on her period for one and continue to alternate. Bonus: her boyfriend doesn’t even notice it during sex.

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Our go-to clinics across Houston go above and beyond to help you find the birth control that works for you.

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Get the answers you’re looking for–all in one place. Birth control options, local providers, interactive quizzes and more.

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A Women-Led Movement

Empowering messages are great, but we take it a step further. We are conducting research, providing services and creating a community where everyone can belong.

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