20 Reasons to Vote in 2020

Uncategorized October 12, 2020

  1. It’s a Right People Fought For – Many movements that started out as marches, demonstrations and protests across the country have led to laws being implemented in our country. Take for example the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  2. Women Were Granted the Right to Vote in 1920 – 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote, however, this did not apply to women of color. Today, women of color hold more voting power and are running for office.
  3. Reproductive Healthcare is Basic Healthcare – Reproductive health services and access continues to be on the ballot across many states, including Texas.
  4. Local Elections Count – While all the hype surrounds the national election, we want to remind you that several elections in Houston are also happening.
  5. Show Up For Your Community – Do you know what district you’re in? You may want to check. Several district-wide elections are coming up.
  6. Young People Have the Power – Young voter turnout has been on the rise and it is projected to rise even more for the 2020 election
  7. Houston Turnout – Harris County has a record early voting turnout in 2018 and we can only imagine what records Houston voters will break during this election.
  8. Texas Turnout – Zooming out on a state level, Texas is known for low voter participation. Showing up to vote can change that.
  9. Women Are the Future – According to Pew Research, women are showing up at the polls at the record turnout
  10. Education on the Ballot – Funding and resources for education continues to be on the ballot.
  11. It’s a Simple Change You Can Do – Voting is just one of the countless ways you can help others in your community. Why not make your voice count?
  12. Local Elections Affect You Directly – We cannot stress this enough, local elections directly affect you and your neighbors. Here’s how to find out what’s on your ballot based on where you live.
  13. Voting for Your Future – What are your goals for the future? The elections that happen today can and will impact how your future will look like.
  14. Schools and Education – Whether you’re a student, a teacher or know someone who works at a school, the elections can determine how much support they receive.
  15. Getting Involved In Your Community– Feeling a part of a community is great and voting is one way that can motivate you to get involved in your community.
  16. Voting for Those Who Are Not Able To – Many people living in the U.S. do not have the right to vote. It’s important to be mindful of those who are not able to vote in their elections.
  17. Reproductive Justice – It’s 2020 and yes, we are still fighting for reproductive justice for all. One way to show up is by voting.
  18. There are Candidates Who Represent You – With many people running for office this year, we guarantee there’s someone on your ballot who can best represent you and your community.
  19. Flexible Ways to Vote – Absentee ballots and mail-in ballots are an option.
  20. Because You Deserve to Have Your Voice Heard – Just vote.

Here are some important dates coming up

Friday, October 23, 2020 – Last day to request a Ballot-by-Mail
Tuesday, October 13 – Friday, Oct 30, 2020 – Early Voting
Tuesday, November 3, 2020 – Election Day