7 Ways to Show Up for Black Women

Uncategorized October 05, 2020

2020 has been such a draining year for all women, especially women of color. In this rough year, Black women and women of color have been constantly let down by our justice system and our country as a whole. It is so important that we as women continue to show up and fight the good fight, especially for Black women! Here are 7 ways for you to show up!

1. Support Initiatives that Support Black Women

Whether it is a Black Women’s March or an event focusing on the advancement of Black women, it is always helpful to show your support. Attending, sharing on social media, donating to a cause, or simply spreading the word are all great ways to show your support!

2. Listen to Black Women

When women of color speak, they are speaking out to be heard. Listen to their concerns and truly engage in their emotions. You’re not only supporting, but you could also learn something.

3. Read Books and Literature Produced by Black Women

Reading is a great way to fully understand the struggles and hardships of a culture. Take some time to read some Black literature, articles, or poetry produced by Black women.

4. Stand up For Black Women

When you see something, say something or do something. This applies to the injustices we often see Black women face. Don’t just be a bystander! If you remain silence in the face of injustice you too are a part of the problem.

5. Respect Black Women

Respect their thoughts, their feelings, their culture and their experiences. You may not always understand or agree but the least you can do is show respect.

6. Shop with Black Women

There are Black women who own businesses all over the world. What better way to show your support than spending money with them? Buying Black is a great and efficient way to show support.

7. Acknowledge Black Women

Don’t ignore the problem, instead acknowledge it and be open to changing it. The injustices and inequality for women of color have been going on for too long. It is time we all come together to acknowledge not only the pain of Black women but also that now is the time to make a change.

Own Every Piece believes in equality for all women. Now is the time for all women of every shade to stand up and do what is right for our fellow sister.