Birth Control is Essential Healthcare. Period.

Uncategorized April 03, 2020

COVID-19 is teaching us about what’s essential. Birth control is essential. Women need their birth control. It is a critical part of our care even if others don’t think so.

But COVID-19 is changing everything. Stay-at-home orders may have you asking yourself “Should I keep my well woman’s appointment?”, “Do I go get my Depo shot?”, or “Should I pick up my pills?” Yes, yes and yes. Let’s face it, it’s becoming harder to access essential reproductive health services. Staying on top of your birth control options is now more critical than ever. But you may also be a little hesitant to leave your home and worried about putting others at risk. (Totally understandable.)

Luckily you have options and Own Every Piece is here to help you get through this. Many clinics are still open, and if you are ok with keeping your appointments. Go. If you are looking for a new place, go check out our partner clinics. If you unsure about going out, but still have questions about birth control methods give telemedicine a try.

In these uncertain times we are forced to prioritize what’s important. So, here’s the thing – if pregnancy is NOT in your “hot girl summer 2020” “fit girl fall 2020” or “crawfish season 2021” plans then we know you should DEFINITELY be thinking about making sure you have a method you that like and can count on in times of uncertainty.