Checking In with Your Health – National Women’s Health Week

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

The past year has changed our lives. And for many of us, it has changed our health.

From keeping ourselves safe from COVID-19 to wondering when is the best time to go to a doctor for an annual check-up, the way we approach our health is different now.

A few weeks ago, we polled our Instagram followers, and here’s what they had to say about how the pandemic has changed the way they approach their reproductive health.

  • 50% of followers tried telehealth (virtual doctor’s appointment) for the very first time
  • 33% of followers switched to a new method of birth control
  • 60% of followers switched doctors since the start of the pandemic
  • 83% of followers delayed or rescheduled a doctor’s appointment to stay safe
  • 41% of followers bought a Plan B since the start of the pandemic

So how do we take care of ourselves today?

Get Your Body Moving – The Office of Women’s Health recommends 30 minutes of physical activity 30 minutes a day. Bonus points if you spend time outdoors and get some sunshine in. 

Mental Health is Key – The pandemic caused a collective trauma around the world. Processing your feelings and staying mindful is integral. Whether it’s updating your self-care routine or talking to someone, there is help out there. Learn more here.

Check-In with a Check-Up – One of the best ways to check in with your body is by talking to a doctor. Whether you’re ready for an in-person visit or a virtual visit, you can book an appointment on our Find a Clinic page.

Health is not one size fits all. We’re evolving and so is the way we approach healthcare. Feel empowered to Own Every Piece of your health. Get started by checking out our health centers here