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Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) Messing With Your Birth Control?

We’ve got resources to help.

Virtual Birth Control Appointments

Reproductive healthcare services are essential, but accessing what you need can be hard in a time when we’re all doing our best to stay home and stay safe. Luckily we’ve partnered with local health centers in Houston to offer virtual birth control appointments. Consult with a provider, get prescription refills or change your method without leaving home.


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      Free Plan B, anyone?

      There’s a “just in case” bag with your name on it. Get a free Plan B, condoms and more so you know you’re protected.

      Skip the Pharmacy Line

      Own Every Piece has gone completely virtual to stay connected in this socially-distanced world, and we need to hear from you. We’re asking for your help in describing how women are handling their birth control in this crisis. How is COVID-19 (the coronavirus) affecting you? Are you struggling to find birth control, a backup method? Are you unable to get to your provider or health center? Are you worried about affording birth control? Send us a DM or fill out the form below. All your contact information will remain confidential, but if you opt in, we might use your story to help shed light on this much needed health service in these times.

      Tell Us Your Story

      Tell us how COVID-19 has affected your access to birth control.