Don’t Be Nervous About Your Annual Doctor’s Appointment – by Kemberlie Spivey

Healthcare agosto 31, 2021

Preparing for my annual doctor’s appointment can always be nervous racking even though it helps every year. I still get nervous at times especially at the doctor’s office. I have to calm myself down and remember to breathe. I have to learn not to be afraid to go to the doctor and remind myself that they are there to help me. I noticed when I struggle with high blood pressure when I get to the doctor. It’s my nerves and I have to calm myself down because my high blood pressure gets high. I have to breathe and make sure that I have nothing to worry about. Your annual doctor appointment shouldn’t be a scary thing. The doctor is there to help and has to remind yourself that everything is okay. You will be fine.

I choose to advocate for myself at the doctor by telling my doctor any symptoms or problems I have. I like to know I can talk to my doctor and if I am unsure about a problem or something that my doctor brings up, I try to ask the right questions. I never want to leave my doctor worrying about my health when I know they are there to help me and ensure my health. Be sure to take care of yourself and do not be afraid to go to your doctor as well as asking questions pertaining to your health.