Get in the Telemood

Uncategorized octubre 02, 2020

Let’s face it—this pandemic has completely changed the way we live. And as women—we have to stay empowered throughout this hot ass mess by reclaiming our routines and our mental and physical health. Staying on top of our reproductive health right now is. so. important…but trips to the doctor’s office during a pandemic? No thanks.

Dare we say it—but this hot mess has a silver lining. It’s teaching us a different approach towards self-care and reminding us that not everything has to be done in person. We can get our doctor’s answers from home. We can get the birth control we need from home. (TY, Telemed.)

So we’re setting the Telemood for you. We wanna tell you what to expect and what you shouldn’t stress about, because virtual visits are just like any other doctor’s appointment, except you can sit on your own couch with a cup of coffee instead of in a crowded waiting room. Behold—your beginner’s guide to making your virtual visit worth it:

  • Get equipped. Laptop or smartphone? Grab your chosen device. Check your wifi connection and download any video conference apps that your provider uses (i.e., ZoomHealth, DoxyMe, etc). No need to get in the car or call for a ride, just relax at home.
  • Got paperwork? Check your portal or call the clinic to make sure you don’t have any prerequisite paperwork to fill out for your provider.
  • Prep for the conversation. Does your doctor have all your up-to-date medical information? What’s the main reason for your visit? Jot it down beforehand and keep that pen and paper handy to take notes.
  • Take a deep breath. Call your doctor. Get what you need. Don’t stress—it’s just like going into their office. Make sure any background noise is limited so you doctor can hear all of your questions.
  • Your feedback? It matters. Giving feedback on your virtual visit is essential for your doctors to improve. We all want a good-as-hell experience, don’t we?

So ladies—let’s keep owning it, regardless of where you are. Because you should still have options. You should still have a choice. You should still be in control. Our clinic partners are currently accepting appointments and using virtual visits to help you stay in control in the midst of the madness. Because even in times of chaos—you should still own every piece.