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      You’ve got questions. We can help.

      How do I make an appointment?

      Choose a clinic from the map above and call the number to schedule your visit. Let them know what services you're looking for: a well woman exam, birth control, or whatever you need. On that call, someone should be able to help you answer questions you have about payment or coverage, transportation, birth control methods offered, etc.

      Can I get an IUD or implant the same day?

      Yes! All of the health centers listed have a same-day service policy. Make sure to ask when you set your appointment if you're planning on getting an IUD or implant, just in case.

      Free or low-cost birth control? Really?

      That's right. There are several programs that cover the cost of birth control--whether you have insurance or not. Select a health center on our map and click to find out which programs you are eligible for.

      Why these clinics?

      Because we partner with them directly to make sure they're going above and beyond to help women get what they need.

      What do I need to bring with me?

      That depends on which location you visit and what program will be covering your birth control costs. In most cases, you'll need an ID, your insurance card if you have one, and a written list of questions & topics you want to talk about with the provider.

      What I haven't decided what birth control I want? / What if I'm not ready?

      That's alright. If you haven't had a well-woman exam in a while, we encourage you to just go to get checked out. During your visit, you can talk with your provider about what options are available and what might be the best fit for your body and life. And if you're not ready to commit to a birth control, that's okay too.

      How long do I have to typically wait to get an appointment?

      Most health centers can get you into the schedule within 1-2 weeks--which is actually faster than a regular doctor's office!

      Do they carry more than just condoms and the pill?

      Oh yeah. They've got everything. Click on a location from our map to see methods offered at each health center.

      Why does this matter? / Why should I go?

      It matters because you matter. Your thoughts, your dreams, your future matter. Taking care of your body and getting taken care of in advance will help you focus on your own plans--not worrying about getting pregnant.