We were ready
for anything.

Just in case.

Own Every Piece has partnered with a local pharmacy to create a free “just in case” bag that is filled with fun and protective goodies, including a Plan B emergency contraceptive, lip balm, condoms, and some other surprises. Because women deserve easy access to contraception in order to have true choice and control.

Currently, we have paused this initiative as we take time to ensure we have the resources women need to access emergency reproductive health services. We can assure you this initiative will return as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when Just in Case kits return!

If you are in need of emergency contraception, there are several options to purchase low-cost emergency contraception on Amazon for as low as $4.99 with next-day delivery. Other options include H-E-B where you can purchase emergency contraception for $20 or Costco for $8 (no Costco card required).

Check out our resources below for clinics near you, birth control options, and more.

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