Maintaining Birth Control During My College Years – Kemberlie Spivey

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Back in 2015, I started my freshman year of college at Sam Houston State University. My mom and I decided together that it was time for me to be put on birth control. It was a long decision for me to start this new journey that I would eventually like. When I first started the pill, my weight was a big concern because I was already gaining weight with all the food that I was eating from being away from home. So, after winter break I was determined to stay a healthier life with exercise and eating more healthier. I started noticing a huge difference in everything pertaining with my birth control. Throughout the years, I was enjoying being on the pill because my periods were less heavier and even the days. It was a time when the bleeding was horrible as well as the cramps. I didn’t think birth control could help with that but it really did. I noticed a difference after the first three months. I maintained the pill by switching my diet not only because of the medication but for myself. I also spoke with my doctor about maintaining the pill and trying to find the right pill that works with my body. With the pill, I can easily know when my period is and prepare for it more with a schedule. It’s easy to maintain the pill or however you use birth control, when you first start because you try to understand what works and what doesn’t work for your body. Also research the birth control you plan to take and talk with your doctor.

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