New Beginnings and Self Care.

Uncategorized enero 04, 2021

A woman who takes care of herself? It’s a revolutionary act for the new year.

It’s an act of putting ourselves first. It’s an act of what society deems as selfish, but we’re deeming it as necessary. Because pouring from an empty cup never worked in our benefit. Because hiding our mental and physical struggles, not asking for help and not taking time to rest and enjoy ourselves never benefitted us anyway. So as we go into the new year—2021 means no more putting ourselves on the backburner. It means addressing to overcome the things that bring us stress and anxiety—no matter how difficult that is to do. It’s not all about bath bombs and face masks (although those are nice, too). It’s about the silent moments to ourselves where we can tune into ourselves, communicate with our bodies and ask what it needs so that we can give ourselves the love we deserve.

Now that the difficult year of 2020 is behind us—let’s look forward to how we can redefine our joy in the new year. How we can give ourselves grace, look after ourselves and stay conscious of our own needs—in whatever way that looks. We want to encourage you to find what works for you, and here are some ways to start:

  • Cut down screen time and time spent on social media
  • Explore birth control options to find one that’s right for your body
  • Introduce a new tool or app that gives you insight on your reproductive health
  • Stay on top of your virtual and in-person doctor’s visits
  • Take charge of your mental health with therapy and/or online communities 
  • Introduce meditation into your routine to enhance your sleep and mood

Sound doable? We think so. We want you to stay empowered and take even more control as we go into the new year. And know that you’re not alone. Because when you own every piece of your wellness, it makes other women want to own it, too.

So here’s to you and our New Year’s resolution of owning every piece in 2021.