New Birth Control on the Block

Uncategorized diciembre 19, 2020

New Options. New Choices. New Decisions. New Birth Control.

At Own Every Piece, we’re dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the newest birth control options. Because those new additions are what’s helping every single woman find what’s right for them. Not all And this year, there’s some new options on the block—so let’s talk about ‘em.

Annovera (released in 2019) is a combination hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring developed by the Population Council. It releases one of the lowest daily doses of ethinylestradiol (a common estrogen medication used mostly in birth control pills) and segesterone acetate (a progestin medication commonly used for endometriosis). Best part about Annovera? It lasts for 13 cycles, unlike other vaginal rings. For each monthly cycle, you insert the ring, leave it in for 21 consecutive days, and pull it out for 7 days. It’s also made of silicone for the ultimate comfort. Of course, with any new medication comes the need to understand how it reacts with your body—so follow along and continue your own exploration towards finding what’s right for you.

Phexxi (released this September) is an innovative, non-hormonal contraceptive gel that prevents pregnancy when used up to 1 hour before each act of vaginal intercourse. It works to maintain the vaginal PH balance, which reduces sperm mobility and lowers the chance of sperm reaching the egg. Even better? You can use Phexxi alongside other birth control methods, apart from vaginal rings. You do need a prescription to get Phexxi and it might increase your chance of contracting UTIs. So talk to your doctor or make an appointment with one of our partner clinics.

So we’re going into 2021 continuing to support women and our right to decide. And with new options, new ways to support our birth control journeys and new ways to stay empowered—we can create an even brighter future of owning every piece for generations to come. We have the power—and the choice is ours.

Thanks, birth control.

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