Top 5 Myths about Plan B

Uncategorized mayo 04, 2021

Many of us have unexpected accidents that we didn’t plan for that make us choose emergency contraception. Plan B comes in handy when you slip up in the bedroom and want to take action as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions and false narratives floating around about Plan B. Let’s discuss the top 5 myths about Plan B and why they are completely false!

1. You are protected through the rest of your cycle.
Plan B does not take care of all the slip ups during the rest of your cycle. It is good for up to 72 hours but does decrease in effectiveness each day. If you want to feel protected throughout your cycle, birth control or condoms are the best options.

2. You can only take the pill the morning after.
Like stated above, Plan B is effective for 72 hours after you slip up. If you take it the next morning or two days later, it should cover you. Again, the sooner the better, but it is not mandatory to take it exactly the morning after.

3. Taking the pill too many times will make you infertile.
This statement is simply not true. Nothing about Plan B is designed to make you infertile. No matter how many times you take it, your fertility should not be effected. If you find yourself taking Plan B often, you should explore birth control options.

4. The more expensive the pill the more expensive.
There are several different brands of Plan B, some being more expensive than others. The price tag doesn’t predict how effective the pill will be. The $50 Plan B you find at CVS is just as effective as the $20 Plan B you will find at H-E-B.

5. The pill can stop pregnancy.
Plan B is not an abortion pill therefore it cannot terminate pregnancy. It is create to prevent pregnancy, but once a woman is with child, Plan B will be ineffective.

Hopefully reading these quick myth busters will help you learn more about Plan B and its true intent. Plan B is a great option and no woman should be ashamed to use it. Own Every Piece wants to continue empowering women and educating them on their sexual health. Learn more about about Plan B at on our website! Follow us on Instagram!